Team & Practice Info


Our season generally begins around the beginning of May.  We practice 2 evenings a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 to 7:30.  We arrive 15 minutes early for warm-up and to grab paddles and PFDs (you can definitely own your own and bring them!) We try to promptly leave by 6:00pm, and won’t return to the dock to pick up late arrivees.  Depending on attendance or weather, a practice can be cancelled at the last minute.

You don’t need any previous dragonboat paddling experience, the stroke is unique and even avid paddlers of other water vessels will need to learn the technique.  Even though we will take brand new paddlers, dragonboat paddling does take some coordination and a general ability to envision and duplicate other paddlers.  You should be aware if you can do this.  If after the initial 4 consecutive practices you attend, you haven’t gotten the hang of it, we may suggest you take some basic dragonboat paddling courses through Dragonboat BC, and return to the team later.  You of course also may not find dragonboating is for you.  You will have the first 4 consecutive practices to try us out and decide if it’s a go.  We ask that you pay $15 per practice you attend, which will be deducted from your seasons fees if you join.

Fees for the season are in the $350 dollar range, this amount goes up and down depending on the regattas chosen for that season.  If you are new, you may also want to purchase a team shirt, this is approximately $50-$70, depending on if we are all getting a new shirt that year or It’s the same design as previous years and we are just doing a short run.  All equipment is provided, but some individuals have chosen to purchase their own paddles and PFDs.

For 2024, this fee includes all your practices. We have 35 scheduled practices, ending on September 5th as well as 3 regattas.  We have chosen to attend, Vancouver; 2 days, Harrision Hot Springs; 1 day, and Penticton; 2 days.  Any lodging and travel costs are bourne by the paddler.  We try to find cheaper lodging options for those who need it, hostels, or Airbnb, but everyone can book wherever they desire..  It’s great if we can organize carpooling as well, to keep the costs down.  Penticton really is the only regatta where we must have lodging.

We ask that team members attend 60% of practices, and 2 of the 3 regattas, or in the case of 4 regattas for the season, we ask you attend 3.

We try to go out for a bite to eat and a drink on occasion after practice, to get to know each other, however, this is by no means mandatory.